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Internet Article Marketing: 3 Ways To Write Titles That Get Clicks

If you want people to actually click on and read your online articles, use a title that attracts, intrigues or challenges them. That means not only using key words at least similar to the ones they typed in when searching for the topic (you did do your keyword research, didn’t you?), but incorporating them into a title that makes the reader want to know more.

Here are my top 3 ways to write titles that get your articles read — and 1 surefire way to fail!

1. Ask a question about the keyword topic

It’s a little known fact that it is impossible for human beings to hear a question and not answer it, even if only in the mind. Did you know that? See, you answered my question, didn’t you? See, you did it again!

Here are some question-based titles:

Email: is it obsolete in workplace communication? Google vs Facebook: who will win the pay-per-click wars? Video marketing: is it all it’s cracked up to be?

If you ask a question in your article title, the reader will automatically answer it, and then will want to see whether you, the author, agree or disagree with their answer. How can they do that? Why, they have to read the article. Click!

2. Use the magic words, “How to”

If people are looking for information to help them learn something, make it clear your article is going to teach them that!

How to make a stunning silk flower arrangement in just ten minutes How to install carpet on your stairs in one weekend

Again, if you’ve done your keyword research well, you can craft exactly the right “how to” title the reader is looking for. Click!

3. Give a command that links to their real desire

Direct marketers have long known that people buy on emotion and justify with logic. That’s why we say we bought the car because it’s small and fits in the garage, but we really just like the image of ourselves flying around in a little red sports car.

So when you use this title format, you have to understand what readers really want when when they are looking for certain information.

Stop hiring the wrong people for your company! Get more dates than you can fit on your calendar!

From these titles, readers will get the message that your article will give them the information they need to make this desired result come about. Click!

The one thing that does NOT work to get clicks on your articles is to get cute in your title. Plays on words, cute double meanings or obscure references to events or people won’t cut it, because people have to think about what they might mean. They’re not there to figure out what you are saying, they’re there to get the information they want, fast. If the title doesn’t immediately tell them they’ve come to the right place, some other article will get the click.

You might have written a great article that will tell me exactly what I need to know, but if your title doesn’t grab me, I’ll never read it — and of course I’ll never click over to your site!

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