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Don’t Make This Common Pricey Medical Insurance Blunder

When researching health care assurance, people often restrict their options and look at only one kind of medical insurance.  You may be able to purchase medical care insurance through your former company, directly from your assurance company as a self employed person, directly from your insurance company as an individual or from the government.  Each of these options is the optimal one for someone.  Only one is the most advantageous for you.

If you worked for an employer with twenty or more employees in the last 60 days you probably have the right to keep your employer-sponsored health care insurance policy for 18 months or more.  Depending on the state you live in, you might have a similar right even if your employer is smaller.  You might want to check with your state’s insurance department to see what your rights are.

If choose to continue your employer-sponsored health insurance policy, you will have to pay for it and may have to pay a small administrative fee as well.

The best thing about this option is that your medical status cannot keep you from qualifying.  The worst thing is that it may be more pricey than other options.  Be aware that it is temporary coverage.

Getting medical care insurance directly from an insurance company is often the best option.  Often the same insurance company that insured you as an employee will be willing to offer you an insurance policy directly.  These policies are often very similar and will often use the same network of hospitals and doctors.

However, sometimes the policies offered to individuals are inferior to the group assurance policies offered by the same company.  Also the networks may not be equal.  It pays to do your research.

If you are self-employed you may be able to acquire a group insurance policy.  In many states a one man or one woman company can qualify as a group.  However, these policies are often more highly-priced than the policies offered to individuals.  If, however, you do not qualify medically for an individual policy, a group policy may be your best option.

You may also be able to get coverage through the federal government or through your state government.  Many of these programs will only be available to you if you have a low income and/or assets.  Other programs may be available to you if your medical history keeps you from getting coverage.

Medicare is probably available to you if you are over age 65.  Medicare offers good coverage, but you may want to improve your coverage by purchasing a Medicare Supplement or by buying a comprehensive policy instead of using Medicare.

The most critical thing you should hold on to after reading this page is that medical care insurance is available from more than one place.  When looking for coverage, you should look in more than one place.  Medical Care insurance is available from various private and public sources.  If you want to keep costs low, you should compare premiums and the level of coverage from all the medical insurance plans available in your area.

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